3 FREE Wheelchair Accessible Vans Still Up for Grabs!

The National Mobility Awareness Month “Local Heroes” contest is well underway…and 3 FREE wheelchair accessible vans are still up for grabs!

Bussani Mobility Team is supporting a nationwide contest sponsored by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). They’re looking for three “Local Heroes” in North America who will receive free adapted vehicles!

Mike Savicki, who a quadriplegic triathlete and 69-time gold medalist, and is the spokesperson for National Mobility Awareness Month, said: “Sure, I knew there would be challenges after my accident, but it never stopped me from pursuing my passions, whether it was golfing, skiing, cycling or sailing. I got involved with this awareness project because I’ve been celebrating mobility for the greater part of my life and I wish the world would join me even if only for a month.”

And he had more to say about adaptive vehicles: “The first time I got behind the wheel of my new van, a [...]

This year’s NY Auto Show at the Javits Center was as spectacular as it has always been. Some of the engineering marvels and futuristic concept cars just had to be seen to be believed! Take the Terrafugia Transition (a flying car!) or the SRT Viper (one of the world’s fastest cars with 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque).

Bussani Mobility Team was there, too, at the NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) booth. Our featured products may not have been quite as fantastic and flamboyant as some of the others, but they do change people’s lives. We showcased a Braun Entervan fitted for use by people with physical disabilities – and we helped spread the word to the general population about wheelchair accessible vans and other adaptive automotive solutions that are available today.

We were also proud to take part, through the Wounded Warrior Project, in donating a wheelchair accessible van to a disabled American [...]

Spring has sprung…and the races have begun!

We hope you’ll gather your friends and join us on April 22 (9am start) at the Wantagh High School for this year’s Testaverde 5K Run/Walk Race for Spinal Cord Victory.

The race course is flat, with only four turns and long straightaways – perfect for wheelchair users and able-bodied participants alike. Some 4-legged doggie companions have even joined in the fun in previous years!

Bussani Mobility Team will be right by your side, urging you on…because we’re providing the pace car van for the event. And we couldn’t be happier that many of our staff will be taking part in the run, too.

Plus there will be raffles for a flat-screen TV…and much more!

The event is being sponsored by the Testaverde Fund for Spinal Cord Injury, Inc., which raises money for spinal cord injury research and provides community outreach and educational programs. The Testaverde Fund provides help [...]

Have you ever been to the NY Auto Show? That’s the place to be to touch, feel and explore the hottest cars and trucks ever seen under one roof! It’s always an exciting event – and you won’t believe some of the futuristic innovations that you’ll see there! This year, show management tells us there will be more sneak peeks, more brand new 2012 and 2013 production models, and more concept vehicles than ever before. And you know what else will be there? Wheelchair accessible vans!

Bussani Mobility Team will be at the NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) booth – and so will a Braun Entervan fitted for use by people with physical disabilities. We’ve been at the show for the past few years. And we feel it’s a great way to spread the word to the general population about adaptive automotive solutions that are available today, including wheelchair and scooter accessible vans, hand [...]

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