Mobility 101: How to Safely Use Wheelchair Lifts for Vans

By guest blogger Chris Miller, The Mobility Resource

Wheelchair lifts for vans are a great option for maintaining or increasing your mobility, independence and participation in your family and community. It’s essential that you and your caregivers know how to keep safe while traveling in your wheelchair, though.

Generally, it’s recommended that people transfer out of their wheelchair into a vehicle seat and that they use the standard seat belt system. Since you use a lift, this may not be an option for you (at least not all the time). So, make sure to follow proper safety procedures.

Wheelchair Lifts for Vans Come with Detailed Instructions

The manufacturer carefully spells out usage directions, proper safety measures and relevant precautionary statements for its
wheelchair lifts for vans
. It’s impossible to give detailed instructions here, as they vary by make, model and [...]

It’s that time of year again! Let the holiday merry-making begin! But first, let us help you check off everyone on your “nice” list with our top 10 gift ideas for people living with physical limitations…

1. Keep the kids and adults warm in an adaptive coat from Koolway Sports. Half back eliminates excess fabric. Side zippers run from the cuffs to the bottom of the side seam. Zippered front blanket goes from lap to ankles. Coats come in fun colors and various fabric weights for winter or spring use. $360 kids/$425 adults at Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel (914-234-7853)

2. With Dragon Speech Recognition software, you talk and it types. Give voice commands to create and edit documents or emails, launch apps, open files, control your mouse, and more. For Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iTouch. $49.99 and up at Nuance

November 20, 2012 by JAN TYLER / Special to Newsday

Folklore pictures Cupid as a chubby little matchmaker who shoots love arrows from a fancy bow. But for one couple, the messenger of love took the form of a bowless but savvy woman acting on instinct.

“I had a hunch that they’d hit it off,” said Judy Carey, who introduced Emily Costanza and Frank Sciaretta about a year ago.

And they did. Costanza, 37, of Bay Shore, and Sciaretta, 49, of Levittown, both of whom have spinal disorders that have confined them to wheelchairs, are engaged to be married and plan to tie the knot in September.

“There are so many details, like working out everyone’s schedules,” Costanza said, “and we’re still looking for a catering facility that’s completely handicapped-accessible where we [...]

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