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2013 Independence & Mobility Fair Spotlight – 2 Workshops that define Independence

Each year at our Independence & Mobility Fair we offer a slate of free workshops to educate attendees on developments in technology and new services that will help them to become truly independent.  Independence means freedom and two types of freedom are financial freedom and the freedom to travel and get around.  These two areas are the focus of two of our free workshops.

The first workshop, being held on Friday September 27th from 3-3:45PM is the “Adaptive Driving – Comprehensive Automotive Mobility Solutions” is being presented by our friends at Abilities, Inc.  this workshop will provide an overview of the innovative adaptive driving equipment available to assist people with disabilities. It will cover the clinical evaluation process designed to assess the potential of people with disabilities to drive and adaptive teaching methodologies available to operate specially modified vehicles and the Adaptive Driver Education Program. 

Presenting the workshop will be a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist Ed Colverd of Abilities, Inc. who said, “The Adapted Driver Education Program at Abilities, Inc. helps people with disabilities and aging issues realize their goals by helping them to function more easily and with a greater amount of independence.”  Colverd added that he hopes that the workshop and the information he presents will encourage more people to take the program at The Viscardi Center and take the step toward greater independence.

The second workshop, being held on Saturday September 28th from 12-12:45PM is “Financial Planning – Protecting Assets while Maximizing Benefits”.  This class will cover legal and financial matters affecting people with disabilities and their families.  “Understanding and navigating “the system” can be challenging when dealing with government benefits, including SSI/SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid,” said workshop presenter Andrew M. Cohen, Esq.  You will learn about steps you can take to protect your assets including, creating Life Care Plans, Letters of Intent and Guardianship and the use of Supplemental Needs Trusts.  People who attended the August Mobility Club meeting covering Working with Disabilities (you can watch the videos of that event here) were introduced to many of these topics and this workshop will serve as an excellent introduction to the topic and a valuable follow up to the August Mobility Club presentation.

Attendees should be sure to pick up a schedule when they arrive so they can be sure to attend these and the other exciting workshops that will be occurring during the 2013 Independence & Mobility Fair.

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