Single Mom With Disability Receives Life-Changing Holiday Miracle Gift: Wheelchair Accessible Van

Terri Thomas crying with son

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A single, disabled mom living in Suffolk County, NY, received a life-changing holiday miracle gift on Monday. Theresa Thomas was presented with a refurbished Chrysler Town & Country wheelchair accessible van at Bussani Mobility Team in Smithtown, NY, where she became the second annual recipient of the company’s Peter Zarba Memorial Van Donation Program. New Beginnings (a community center for brain injury rehabilitation) arranged the introduction between the two parties that has made this heart-felt wish come true.

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A former nurse, Theresa became severely disabled 7 years ago at the age of 39 by a genetic condition triggered during pregnancy that left her confined to bed. She has two sons, aged 15 and 7. And her mother, aged 70, uses a wheelchair as a result of a brain injury and two [...]

Liz Treston Finney

by guest blogger Liz Treston

Liz Treston & Finney
My name is Liz. Of all the things I did not plan on was becoming an expert in spinal cord injury and diseases. I am an expert through life not books.  My methods of teaching vary dependent upon my audience. If you’re in an elementary class at Career Day, I’m not going to go into details about proper bowel evacuation. I will, however, always be honest.

Honesty can be brutal at times. Depending on how long you’ve been in the exclusive club of SCI/D might also effect whether you read my article further. How did you get here? Did you fall out of a tree, miss a turn, smack a shoreline, a gene screwed with your body’s makeup, or you slid on silk sheets out of bed?

It doesn’t really matter. You are here. In that sense, [...]

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