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There’s so much amazing technology available today to help us in our daily lives. Sometimes it feels like the futuristic lifestyle of the Jetsons is already here. We came across these five great gadgets that were specifically designed for people who use wheelchairs.

Tecla for Smart Devices

Tecla-e is an assistive device that gives people with mobility impairments the ability to use smart devices and other types of technology, including Apple, Android, and Windows products. Users can do anything from browsing the web to reading books to adjusting the thermostat. If you can’t easily utilize a tablet, smartphone, or other technologies and tasks independently that require additional upper-body mobility, this gadget is for you.

Power Chair Headlights

You have headlights on your mobility van. But did you know that you can put them on your power chair, too? So, you can stay safe by having the ability to see and be seen at times and places with low visibility. Most headlights come with a remote for ease-of-use and customization.

Personalized Wheelchair Hubcaps/Spoke Guards

While maybe not exactly a “gadget,” this wheelchair accessory is a fun way to personalize your wheelchair. With everything from astronauts to lions to geometric designs, you’re sure to find hubcaps that fit your personal style.

Fleximug for Easy Drinking

The Fleximug helps people with disabilities that affect the upper body to drink independently. The mug is leak-proof, easy to use, and has good lip control and suction. It was created with the purpose of improving the lives of people with spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis and other such disabilities.

JACO Robotic Arm

Okay, so this gadget is likely outside the price range for most of us, but it’s inspiring and it is definitely worth mentioning. JACO is a three-fingered robotic arm that helps people with limited upper-body mobility accomplish routine tasks. From eating a meal to opening doors to picking up objects, JACO is truly impressive. The robotic arm allows for 16 movements in total, to mimic the versatility and smooth transition of a human arm. It can be mounted on a wheelchair and is powered by its own battery.

Here at Bussani Mobility, we’re all about independence and helping you get mobile. Our customers often become our friends, too, and we try to provide information about accessibility that goes beyond their mobility vehicle. If you’d like to see more helpful resources, click here. And if you’re thinking about buying a wheelchair van to improve your mobility, come and talk to one of our mobility specialists. You can even rent one of our vans to try-before-you-buy.