Eye-to-Eye With a Whale

Peter Zarba

peterzarbaLet me tell you something about Peter. He’s one inspiring guy! He’s been in a wheelchair for some 30 years, but I don’t think there’s anything Peter can’t do. He skis, plays wheelchair rugby, hunts, skydives, and fishes – just to name a few of his adventures. And one day in the waters around New York, he came eye-to-eye with a whale.

Peter was out in his wheelchair accessible fishing boat with a buddy when the giant cetacean floated right up next to the boat. He made eye contact for a few moments with Peter and then swam off into the deep blue. Can you imagine? It was really something you had to see to believe, which is why we included a photo as proof!

Whatever the task, if it can be done, Peter finds a way to accomplish it. He started with Bussani Mobility Team way back in the 1980s, and he continues to be dedicated every day to showing people how adaptive vehicles can help them get to where they want to go in life.

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