The Miracle Came

Claudia Zavatsky

claudiazavatskyClaudia Zavatsky is a single mother from Melville, NY. She works part-time and spends the rest of her time caring for her son Alex, who is a non-ambulatory, non-verbal 10-year old living with cerebral palsy and other medical conditions. At 50 pounds and growing, Alex is getting more difficult to lift in and out of his 65-pound wheelchair. Even doing simple things like going to the store has become a constant challenge for them, let alone the missed social outings including holidays with family.

claudiazavatsky-1Well, Claudia and Alex got the surprise of a lifetime when the call came in from Bussani Mobility Team offering to help out by giving them a free wheelchair accessible van. The customized Ford Windstar was presented at the 2012 Independence and Mobility Fair on September 15th in Bethpage, NY. The vehicle would allow recipient Claudia and Alex to move about their everyday lives with greater ease and independence.

“A little while ago, I said that I needed a miracle to get a wheelchair accessible van, and that miracle came!” said Claudia Zavatsky.

Now I can just wheel Alex into the van and take him to the park so he can use the adaptive swings. I can take him to the store and the boardwalk, and holidays at my brother’s house will be possible again. I’m truly blessed. Alex is the happiest, most beautiful boy. He loves to be around people and his smile lights up a room. Now because of this great gift from Bussani Mobility, we can spend more time out with people again and Alex will enjoy blowing kisses to everyone.

claudiazavatsky-2As the van was presented, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And that included all the staff at Bussani Mobility. Daniel Bussani, Vice President at Bussani Mobility Team, said:

When we heard about Claudia’s story, we knew right away that she was the perfect candidate for our van donation program. Every day, we’re moved by our customers’ struggles and triumphs. Claudia is an amazing and dedicated woman whose fortitude and positive attitude are so inspiring. We feel honored to be able to help in any way we can.

The two-day 2012 Independence & Mobility Fair was held on September 14-15. Hosted by Bussani Mobility Team, the annual event provides people with physical disabilities the opportunity to learn about all types of accessibility products and services in a fun and friendly environment.

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