John Bussani


John Bussani

The Founder of Bussani Mobility, John started the company in 1974 after being injured in the Service and seeing in the Army hospitals the condition of so many of his fellow servicemen who had become disabled. His vision was to do something that would help them to have normal lives again. He set out to assist people who have suffered a catastrophic injury or illness by giving them the tools to become mobile with a modified vehicle that they can drive or be transported in. Because of his commitment and the experienced team of professionals that he leads, many people with special needs have regained their independence and freedom, and have become part of the mainstream of life again.

John says that the best part of his day is getting somebody out and mobile, and that it is such a kick and a great feeling to help people to be able to take care of themselves, to go out and work and play, and be like the rest of us again.

The vision behind Bussani Mobility has always been to help individuals with disabilities regain their ability to enjoy full and complete lives. At Bussani Mobility, they like to say: If You Can Dream It, We Can Get You There!

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