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Many people who buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle also opt to purchase a warranty. This can reduce or eliminate numerous maintenance costs for the life of the contract. Selecting and purchasing a warranty through a mobility dealer can be a smooth and simple process. More importantly, the mobility dealer will ensure that you know which plans cover your specific conversion.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about warranties for mobility vehicles.

OEM Vehicle Warranties

Many vehicle manufacturers offer warranties on new models. Vehicles are most likely to be eligible for warranties when the model is no more than four years old and has been driven fewer than 50,000 miles.

When this period (as set by the manufacturer) has lapsed, an extended warranty is often available. The most common type is a powertrain warranty, which effectively covers the most expensive components of the vehicle, such as the engine and transmission. Powertrain warranties are popular because they allow buyers to enjoy their new purchase knowing that most major repairs will be covered. Warranties include parts and often labor.

These warranties do not include the mobility portion of a vehicle.

Mobility Dealer Warranties

As with the OEM warranties, mobility vehicle warranties also cover a majority of the components listed for the vehicle’s first three years/36,000 miles.

The essential difference is the mobility warranty also includes the conversion. Like the vehicles themselves, mobility equipment can be purchased with warranty options. In many instances, mobility equipment must also meet similar eligibility requirements.

Through a mobility dealer, it is possible to select a warranty on a mobility vehicle only or mobility equipment only, due to the age of one or the other; or you can choose a warranty package that includes both the vehicle and the mobility equipment.

The overwhelming benefit of the mobility warranty is ease of use. The warranties have been improved over the years to provide clients with peace of mind. They’re worth having, knowing that the fees of a local mobility dealer/mechanic or a garage you may visit on a cross-country trip are likely to be covered. With rental van coverage, lockout assist, and roadside assist, a mobility warranty offers everything that typically comes with an OEM warranty, and more. Payment plans are also an option.

Bussani Mobility will happily provide additional information on warranties, to help you decide what’s best for you and your vehicle. Feel free to contact our team for answers to all of your accessible vehicle questions.