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For people with limited lower-body mobility, hand controls are often the difference between being cooped up at home and enjoying their  independence. A relatively simple adaptive technology, customized for your needs, can make driving yourself to the grocery store or to a doctor’s appointment or out with friends a reality.

At Bussani Mobility, we’ve been putting customers in accessible vehicles ─ and sometimes in their dream mobility van or car ─ for more than 40 years now. Here are the questions that we’re asked most often about how hand controls work. We hope this will answer some of your questions, too.

1) How much do hand controls cost?
There are hundreds of options with varying degrees of functionality and pricing, from a $125 spinner knob to a $70,000 electronic digital driving system. The cost of your hand controls will depend on your specific mobility needs and your financial resources.

2) What type of hand controls are most common?
The controls most often used are basic, manual hand controls. They’re the simplest solution for drivability. They’re mounted as an extension of the foot pedals, so a person without the use of their lower extremities can drive using their hands only.

 3) Can anyone drive a car with mobility aids?
Yes, the person with the physical disability can use the mechanical hand controls to operate the pedals, and another person can drive the same vehicle using the original gas and brake pedals. Some models have safety mechanisms to ensure the gas pedal isn’t inadvertently pressed ─ and all passengers are kept safe.

4) Do I have to own a van to have specialized hand controls added?
The good news is, no. Nearly any vehicle can be fitted with specialized hand controls, not just a minivan or a full-size van. The certified technicians at Bussani Mobility have even installed high-end driving aids on sports cars, including a Mercedes Coupe and a BMW i8 Roadster.


5) How do I know which hand controls are right for my needs?
Your local mobility dealer will set you up with a certified driver rehabilitation specialist to evaluate your needs and decide on the best driving aids and solution for your abilities.

6) What kind of training do I need to operate my updated vehicle?
Training is needed to properly and safely operate a vehicle using hand controls. You will want to pay special attention to your one-on-one training and only work with authorized mobility trainers and dealers.

7) Where can I find more information about hand controls?
Go to https://bussanimobility.com/mobility-products/hand-controls/ for a short overview of driving aids. Also,  you may want to visit https://www.mpsdrivingaids.com/ for more info.

If you have any questions or concerns about hand controls for your mobility van, car, or truck, give us a call or stop by Bussani Mobility on Long Island or in Westchester. We sell, install, and service the best driving aids on the market today and can help customize your vehicle to fit your specific needs.