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Preparing your vehicle for the winter season is especially important if you drive an accessible van. Here are the important things to do to winterize your vehicle so it will reliably handle the colder temperatures and keep you safe on the road, straight from the expert mobility technicians at Bussani Mobility:

Check the Battery

The batteries in accessible vans have the added duties of powering lifts, ramps, and doors, in addition to the engine. Make sure the battery is fully charged before the cold weather hits so that you always have enough power to securely get to and from your destination.

Check Tire Pressure and Treads

Your tires form a critical bond between the vehicle and the road. Make sure you have tires that can handle the snow and that you regularly have the tire pressure checked. Because if the treads are worn down, the van could lose traction and not stop as quickly. Underinflated tires can also cause problems with vehicle stability, cornering, and stopping. This is easy to avoid, just have the tires checked every few months.

Replace Old Wipers

The best practice is to replace your vehicle’s wiper blades every six months or when you notice a change in their effectiveness. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle safe to operate in the winter.

Keep It Clean

Salt on the roadways melts hazardous snow and ice, but it also can corrode various parts of vehicles, including the exhaust and muffler systems and the frame. You can protect your van by keeping it clean and preventing corrosive buildup.

Replace and Refill Fluids

Your van’s engine relies on antifreeze to protect it from the harsh environment of freezing temperatures during the winter. It is imperative to have the engine checked to be sure that fresh, high-quality coolant has been added and that all fluids are full. It’s also a great time to check the windshield wiper fluid; a good choice is a fluid that contains both alcohol and antifreeze to resist the cold.

Be Careful Where You Park

A vehicle with a lower clearance, like an accessible van, can more easily get hung up on frozen snow drifts and become damaged if driven through hard packed snow. Try to park in a garage or on a cleared flat surface like a driveway so that you can operate the vehicle free of obstruction.

If you’d rather let someone else perform the winterizing check for you, stop by any of the Bussani Mobility locations (Bethpage and Smithtown on Long Island, and Mamaroneck in Westchester County). The certified technicians in our full-service auto shops will take care of routine maintenance on your mobility equipment as well as all of your vehicle’s standard needs. We’re here to help.