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Adaptive Vehicle
The snow and sleet is just around the corner. Is your vehicle in tip-top shape, ready to get you safely where you’ll need to go throughout the winter months?
Bussani Mobility’s Service & Production Manager, Dan Walsh, has these important tips to share about what you need to do to winterize your van:

Check Those Tire Treads
– Too often we see customers come in with tires that have bad tread, aren’t inflated correctly, or are mismatched. That’s a bit like a person walking on an icey path in old tennis shoes instead of a good pair of snow boots. You’re just asking for trouble. Check your tires and promptly replace those that are worn out.

Replace Old Wipers
– Don’t get blind-sided with old wiper blades. One good freeze and those old windshield wiper blades will spoil your commute or night out. Keeping your wipers in good condition is an inexpensive and smart way to help you enjoy the drive instead of dreading it.

Keep It Clean
– Simple as it seems, it’s important. Because keeping a wheelchair accessible vehicle clean in the winter prevents corrosion. When the roads are covered in salt, so is your van. Getting your vehicle washed regularly is even more important in the winter than the summer.

Replace Old Coolant
– Coolant (also called antifreeze) absorbs heat from the engine and then dissipates it through the radiator and heater core when you crank up your car’s heater in the wintertime. Maintaining and servicing coolant is vital to your vehicle — and it’ll keep you warmer as you travel during the colder months. Servicing involves draining and or flushing your car’s cooling system and replacing the old coolant with new.

Be Careful Where You Park
– Winter driving can sometimes cause unwanted mishaps. Be aware that frozen snow on the ground can cause damage to you accessible van. We’ve heard from many people who parked on a snowy embankment that melted from the warm vehicle overnight and then turned to ice. When you pull out in the morning, this can cause damage to the lower rockers as well as the floor pan. After a snow storm, the difference between a rough morning and an impossible morning usually depends on how you parked the night before. And remember you’re driving a modified van with lower ground clearance, so take it slow.

If you ever have questions about your adaptive vehicle or driving in winter conditions, give us a call or stop by. The expert technicians at
Bussani Mobility’s full-service auto shop will be happy to lend a hand or pass along some tried-and-true advice. We offer you complete mobility services including general auto upkeep (like oil changes, tune-ups, and tire alignment) as well as collision and repair work. We’re here to help get you wherever you want to go, safely and in style.