Driving Aids

Hand Controls, Foot Controls & High Tech Driving Systems

We sell, install, and service the best brands of driving aids on the market today including products manufactured by: MPD, MPS, Sure-Grip, DriveMaster and Menox. Our mobility specialists work with you to determine how to best customize your converted vehicle to your needs so you can safely take to the road and enjoy your independence. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified to install our complete line of driving aids.

Hand Controls

Hand controls are available as push pull, push rock, or right angle methods.

hand controls wheelchair van

Steering Aids

Steering aids such as spinner knobs, multi-function buttons, and gear shift and parking brake extensions can be installed.

wheelchair van driving aid on wheel

Left Foot Gas Pedal

Left foot gas pedal allows the driver to accelerate with the left foot.


High-Tech Driving Controls

State-of-the-art high tech driving controls assist those with minimum movement capabilities to safely and independently drive their chosen vehicle.

High-tech Driving Controls
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