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The fight for more accessible taxis in New York City and the outer boroughs is on…and the accessibility community is winning, slowly but surely!

There are about 60,000 people who use wheelchairs in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. Of the 13,000 yellow cabs in circulation, only about 200 are wheelchair accessible. But laws have been passed that require 2,000 new medallions to be issued for accessible yellow cabs in New York City – and they’ll be on the streets next month. The Governor also said that he wants to see a plan that makes all yellow taxis wheelchair accessible. Now we’re talkin’!

In another legislative breakthrough, livery cars will be able to legally pick up street hails in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs. Eighteen thousand livery drivers will be given permits, with 6,000 being rolled out each year over the next three years. The cars will get roof lights and they’ll be [...]

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