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The changing of the season is always a good time to do a maintenance check on your vehicle. With Spring now upon us, the technicians at our full-service auto shop have these tips to help keep your wheelchair accessible van in tip-top shape.

1. Use It – Letting a vehicle sit around can be just as harmful as excessive use. For instance, a three year-old wheelchair van with under 10,000 miles will often need new tires or hoses or gaskets, all due to dry rot.

2. Regular Maintenance – Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is as important with a converted vehicle as oil is to the engine. That includes proper lubricants, alignment, and most important, upgrades.

3. Find a Service Facility You Trust – Be sure to take the vehicle to an auto shop that knows how to work on conversions.

4. Understand Your Manual Overrides – Wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with manual overrides to allow the driver to deploy the ramp if there is a mechanical problem or accident. Knowing how to use these systems is essential to one’s safety.

5. Trade It –One way to maintain the value of the vehicle is to trade it in for a newer one while the value is still high, instead of driving it into the ground and then looking to trade.

At Bussani Mobility Team, we sell, service and rent wheelchair accessible vans. Our certified technicians know all the ins-and-outs of adaptive vehicles. Brakes, tune-ups, tires, auto body, glass repair, and more. We service vans regardless of where they were purchased and help people living with physical disabilities safely go the distance in their accessible vehicles. If you ever have a question about your van, give us a call at 888-379-4709.