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Are you looking for an accessible vehicle, but you don’t want to drive a minivan or a full-size van? Coming this Fall, you have an exciting new option: the Chevy Traverse Wheelchair Accessible SUV. Here’s a sneak peek…

It’s Sleek

Built on the Chevy Traverse chassis, the Chevy Traverse MXV (Mobility Crossover Vehicle) is manufactured by BraunAbility, the leading producer of wheelchair accessible vehicles. This state-of-the-art accessible SUV is just what many buyers have been waiting for. It offers the sleek appearance and ground clearance of an SUV, paired with the accessibility and spaciousness of a van. See it here.

More Space

Riding in any vehicle should be a comfortable experience for all passengers. The 2020 Traverse MXV boasts exceptional rear cabin space, with increased ease and mobility for wheelchairs. It easily fits even larger powerchairs.

Prior to the Traverse MXV, the Ford Explorer MXV had been the frontrunner in crossover SUVs, but it was discontinued last year when the manufacturer changed the vehicle specs and it was no longer suitable for a mobility conversion. The new Traverse offers 46% more rear cabin space than the Explorer.

Not only does the Traverse MXV offer a wide range of maneuverability, but it can accommodate two wheelchairs. Third-row seating is available as well. And the bench seat folds flat for extra storage space.

More Features

There are even more improvements with the newest MXV. The doorway and ramp are wider. The console slides side to side for extra room. And the fuel tank is on the driver’s side, which is unobstructed when the wheelchair or scooter ramp is extended.

As the market for wheelchair accessible vehicles expands, the products continue to evolve to meet consumer demands. The 2020 BraunAbility Chevy Traverse MXV is no exception. With this vehicle, people living with disabilities can enjoy freedom, the style of an SUV, and the spaciousness previously only found in a van.

To learn more about the upcoming BraunAbility Chevy Traverse MXV, contact the Bussani Mobility Team today.