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winter drivingSALT…it helps keep us safe on the snowy roads here in the Northeast. But it also wreaks havoc on our vehicles. Now with winter in full force, we want to remind you how important it is to clear salt and dirt from your wheelchair accessible van…and keep your undercarriage clean. When salt is left on the outside of your vehicle, you can easily see the damage it does to the paint finish. Well imagine what it’s doing to the unseen, forgotten, underside of your van throughout the whole winter. It can cause major body and undercarriage damage. When the salt build-up is left there for too long, rust and corrosion can set in. Metal parts like fuel lines can break, leading to costly repairs.

But this is easy to prevent. Just keep your undercarriage clean. Take your vehicle to the car wash or detailing shop regularly, especially [...]

The snow and sleet is just around the corner. Is your vehicle in tip-top shape, ready to get you safely where you’ll need to go throughout the winter months?

Bussani Mobility’s Service & Production Manager, Dan Walsh, has these important tips to share about what you need to do to winterize your van:

Check Those Tire Treads
– Too often we see customers come in with tires that have bad tread, aren’t inflated correctly, or are mismatched. That’s a bit like a person walking on an icey path in old tennis shoes instead of a good pair of snow boots. You’re just asking for trouble. Check your tires and promptly replace those that are worn out.

Replace Old Wipers
– Don’t get blind-sided with old wiper blades. One good freeze and those old windshield wiper blades will [...]

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