Transfer Seats

Turning Seating, Transfer Seat Bases & Docking Stations

Transfer seat bases manufactured by B&D Independence give you the ability to safely and comfortably drive or ride from the original vehicle seat just as it came from the factory. The seat base for most vans uses an electronic switch to travel back up to 20″ from the driving position, rotates up to 100 degrees, and raises up to 6.5″. You position your wheelchair next to the seat and lift or slide yourself onto the seat. Built from heavy-duty material, the transfer seat bases provide years of reliable service and include warranties. Models are available for minivans, full-size vans and specialty vans.

You and your loved ones can enjoy every journey without the fear of a fall or injury. The BraunAbility® Turny® Evo rotating seat lift makes getting in and out of tall vehicles easy and safe. This worry-free solution is an ideal alternative for anyone with limited mobility or wheelchair users who are looking for easier transfers in and out of a vehicle. The seat can be operated with a hand-held control or from a smartphone. It fits more than 150 vehicles, and is available in various colors.

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Wheelchair Securement Systems

EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Systems

Wheelchair Restraint Systems and Docking System by EZ Lock and Q’Straint easily secure a wheelchair to the vehicle floor, saving you both time and effort. Even better, the automatic docking bases allow you to lock the wheelchair into place without the assistance of others. No more struggling to cinch the straps down. EZ Lock is perfectly suited for both wheelchair seated passengers and drivers. It allows for more freedom of mobility and enhances your level of independence.

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